Choose your profile picture and banner

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Your uTip page is… yours. It may sound obvious, but most of all, it means something important. When someone clicks on your uTip page, they should know immediately who they are dealing with. And you can’t be told enough: a picture is better than a long speech.

What’s better than your banner and your profile photo set up your identity ?

Your profile picture

Your profile picture is, in a way, the identity of your uTip page. It represents you, the person behind the creation. But, if you’re shy, it can also talk about the things behind your world.

💡 For a matter of consistency between your different platforms, we advise you to use the same avatar as on your main creation platform. This will make it easier for your communities to recognize you from one platform to another.

Your avatar can be many things:

  • A picture of you
  • Your logo
  • Your latest creation

As this avatar is quite small (80 x 80 px), we do not recommend using an image with text or being very detailed. These details would be illegible.

💡 Find out how to change your profile photo on our FAQ

Your banner

If your profile picture is your profile ID photo, your banner  gives a message. It allows you to represent your creation and give a good idea of what you produce or what you are talking about.

💡 Since your banner is much larger than your avatar (1900px x 205px) it is possible to add some text.

You can for example:

  • Announce the exclusive content that you will post on your uTip
  • Highlight your latest creation
  • Use a more detailed version of your logo 
  • Announce future sales in your Shop
  • Announce the subject of your next episode
  • Thank your community

💡 Your banner can very well evolve over the year and does not have to remain static. Why not change your banner over the seasons?

💡 Find out how to change your banner on our FAQ