How to talk about uTip ?

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How to talk about uTip ?

We’re willing to bet that you’ve already been asked “What on earth is uTip?” or that you’ve already wondered about the best way to present the platform to your community. Don’t panic! Here’s how you can talk about uTip and make people want to come and support you.

What is uTip?

This is the first question that is important to answer. The shortest answer is:

uTip is a platform where your community can support you through tips or by buying products in an e-shop.

Of course, that’s how we present the platform, but it’s up to you to make it your own.

Besides, if you think about it, uTip is a bit more than that. It’s also a platform that allows your community to have access not only to all of your content posted on your social networks, but also exclusive content if they support you.

💡 Don’t forget to talk about all of the support options on the platform. The most successful creators are those who do not miss out on any of these tools.

Why do you need support?

What are you going to do with these contributions? What are you going to use them for? How are they important to you? Be clear with your community about your goals and projects. Perhaps this money will be used to buy your next drawing equipment? Hire a professional make-up artist for your next short film?

One thing is for sure, this money will help you and your projects come to life, so don’t hesitate to tell your community.

But what does it mean for them to support you?

Explain to your future supporters what it will mean to them to help you. What does it mean to them in concrete terms? Don’t forget that, beyond a certain amount, that you can fix yourself, your TipRs become your FireTipRs and that gives them access to many rewards such as : a special role on your discord and exclusive content in your feed.

Even if your community supports you above all because they like your work, it is easier to motivate people to support you if you offer them something in return. But that “something” doesn’t have to be extra work for you.

You’re already providing something

Keep in mind that you are already providing something to your community: your creation. And it’s already very valuable to them. If they support you, it’s because they love your work and they want to contribute. Supporting you means taking part in your project. It means allowing you to offer them the best possible content. No one forces them to support you, if they do it, it’s because they want to, because it gives them pleasure and brings them something in return.

Include them in your speech, offer them to help you, to join you, to take part in your adventure. Do not apologize for inviting them to support you, on the contrary, thank them.