A short guide to launching your uTip page

Reading time : 5 min

Talking about money and promoting your work is sometimes tricky. Using the right words, knowing who you are talking to, knowing where and when to promote yourself … So many subjects that it is sometimes difficult to master.

So here’s some tips to be sure that you don’t forget anything for your first communication.

1. Analyse your media

Each social network is different. The members of your community who follow you on Instagram and those who follow you on Twitter are not the same. They don’t follow you for the same reasons, and don’t look for the same thing from your post.

You have to keep that in mind when you communicate for the first time about uTip. Think about the codes and what makes each social network unique. Also think about how you communicate that is unique to you and your community.

On Twitter, you have to be concise, clear, because of the limited number of characters. Composing a compelling, attention-grabbing Tweet is more difficult because of its brevity.

💡 Talk about each type of support, thank your community, be brief about your goal. Maybe ask for some retweet to spread the word.

And remember that a Tweet with an image or a gif attract more attention.

Instagram is, above all social media, the kingdom of images. Annonce your uTip page with a beautiful illustration. This will grab the attention of your fans, so you can explain to them what uTip is and how that will help you.

Take advantage of the Instragram stories to share information with your community.

Last but not least, if you have a youtube channel, talk about uTip on your video. Learn how to talk about uTip in this dedicated article.

2. Prepare your message

Because you have to be clear and concise, we strongly recommend that you carefully prepare your message before recording and posting it on your social networks.

Think about the message you want to sent to your fans. How much you want to open your heart and talk about your business model.

Remember to always answer the following questions :

  • What is uTip ?
  • Why is it important to support you on the platform ?
  • How can they support you ? With donation, maybe with your Shop.
  • What does it bring them in return? Exclusive content maybe ? Or a special thanks in your videos ?

Don’t be cheesy, don’t apologize, don’t oversale your uTip or overpromise about the reward. We noticed that creators who were transparent towards their community and established a climate of trust were more supported than the others.

Be authentic, talk with you heart and maybe… with the help of a script.

3. Slide into the DM

First, test your message within your inner circle. Talk about uTip to your family, your closest friends and to your greatest fans. Try your speech on them and listen to their feedback.

Were they convinced? Do they understand what uTip is? Do they have any questions? They’ll be the best to help you refining your speech.

Also, they’re most likely the people who will be supporting you. That’s why talking to them in person is also important.

4. Send an e-mail

Your newsletters is a great place to talk about your uTip page. Because the people who subscribe to your newsletters are very involved in your creation, they will be more likely to support you.

5. Don’t forget the link !

Talking about your uTip page is great, but if you don’t give your uTip link to your community, they will not be able to support you. Don’t forget to make this link visible everywhere on your social networks:

There are endless places where you can make your uTip page accessible. Do not miss this opportunity.

6. Ask for help

If you know other creators who like you and your work, they might share your announcement with their fans. Maybe it can be a retweet, or a word in their newest video. Remember that they have no obligation to do so. Ask kindly and be super thankful.

7. Be patient… and repeat

Maybe your first call will not work as great as you hope. If so… remember that Rome was not built in a day. Trust in yourself, in your content and in your community. Don’t be discouraged if things are slow to start. You will get more support and more money over the time.

Work on your message, try different angle. With time and experience you will find the perfect words to speak to your community.

Remember to keep talking about it ! You have to remind your fans that they can support you. Over time, it will become a habit. Be careful not to be pushy. They will support you if they want to, not if you force them to.