About us

Our Story

At uTip, we champion a new creative era that moves past the traditional value of labor to a currency of art, knowledge and culture. 

Our founder, Adrien, always had a vision for the future. As a teen, he dreamed up imaginary universes and gave them life in his science fiction stories. As an adult, he decided to share those stories with the world. One tale, about the Vega star and wormholes, took him months to write. He published it for others to enjoy and 15,000 people read it—enough to make it a bestselling book! But Adrien’s story wasn’t published as a book… it was published on the internet. And though thousands of people supported his work by reading it, there wasn’t a way for him to connect with that community or be paid for his creation.

This experience gave Adrien the vision for uTip, an open platform that empowers creators to pursue their passions and harness the power of their community to connect, create, and make a living. It’s a platform built for creators, by creators who know first-hand that creation is hard work. 

Our Creator Manifesto

Your passion is your purpose. For you, creating isn’t about making a transaction, it’s about making a connection. Feeling seen. Being heard. Sharing in something bigger than yourself. You don’t do it for the money, you do it because you love it. And you don’t just have fans, you have a community that fuels your creative fire.

But while having the freedom to create is priceless, it can still get pretty expensive. You have to buy equipment, spend hours editing, pay taxes… it can be hard to monetize your work in a world that values labor over creativity. Soon your day becomes less about making art and more about making money.

At uTip, we believe that everyone should be able to make a living from their creative work. Our tools help you harness the power of your community to connect, create, and feel financially supported. We aggregate your content from across social media in one, sleek feed and help you open up new revenue streams like custom merchandise. Most importantly, we make it easy for your fans to support you in more than a dozen ways—from leaving a nice comment to watching a handful of ads to chipping in a few bucks to your next project—it’s up to them.

So to you we say: we know creation is hard work. Let us help with the rest.

Our Team

We are fiction writers, YouTube creators, tech geeks, educators, professional marketers, and engineers brought together by one mission: to build a place for creators like us to create, connect, and be recognized.