What are the advantages of the uTip Shop?

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On uTip we give you the opportunity to sale all kinds of products to your community. Whether it is sculptures, illustrations, music, goodies, there is a place for each of your ideas in our Shop. But if you are still hesitant to take the plunge, we hope this article will help you to take the big step.

❓ Why create an uTip Shop?

You would think that creating a Shop is just another way of earning income on the platform, but the interest of the Shop goes far beyond that.

Creating your Shop allows you to strengthen your bond with your fans. By buying products that identify them as a member of your community, your fans strengthen their sense of belonging.

It is also an opportunity for them to acquire creations produced by you, so that they can have something that really comes from you.

Think of it as a whole other way to let your creativity speak. Perhaps you have other talents than the ones you mention to your community every day? Maybe you like to paint? To sew ? Sculpt? Or maybe it’s an opportunity to let your imagination run wild through the creation of fabulous designs.

Maybe you are a professional crochet artist just like mi fil, mi calin?

Finally, your Shop allows some of your fans to support you in return of a “real” counterpart. Some fans need to receive something concrete in exchange for their support. The Shop is a good way to engage with this type of fan.

❓ What are the advantages of the uTip Shop?

The main advantage of Shop uTip is the pricing freedom. It means that a person cannot buy this product at a price lower than the minimum amount set by yourself, but can decide to give extra when buying it.

 You can offer dematerialized content in the Shop at 0$, so that some members of your community can have it for free. Although, they can also pay / tip you for this content if they wish.

💡 It has been shown that, when they have the possibility, your TipRs will make sure to pay you even if your product is available for free!

An uTip store allows you to centralize all your support resources on a single platform. Rather than sending your community right and left to support you here, buy there, and follow you around here, offer them to do it all in one place: uTip.

By centralizing your community in this way, you can also reach out to fans that you might otherwise find harder to reach. They may suddenly fall in love with your latest t-shirt just by watching an ad.

Everything is possible, everything is imaginable in our Shop.

The shop can have physical products: sculpture, stuffed animals… or dematerialized products: PDFs of novels, pictures, music… The only limit is your imagination. (And maybe also the format of your digital file 😅.)

If you are not feeling very artistic, we offer you to create goodies via our partner Printful. Create your design, choose the products to apply it on and… that’s it. Once your product is online you don’t have to do anything else. Printful takes care of the printing, shipping and the after-sales Service.

💰 Your creations, your sales, your money

At uTip, we’re here to help create and that’s what matters to us the most. Our 5% operating fee is the minimum we need to keep the platform running.

When your community makes a purchase on uTip, we pass on the transaction fees (PayPal or CB) that are charged to us without taking any margin. For uPrint purchases, the price you pay includes the service fee (printing, shipping and handling fee).

However, there are specific fees for uPrint products. The price paid by your community includes the margin defined by the creator and the service fee.

·   the service fee includes printing, shipping and handling costs.

·   95% of these fees are charged by Printful, but uTip takes a 5% commission to return the after-sales support fees.

*This information may be subject to change