How To: Talk About Donations

Some of our creators have told us that they are afraid to ask their community for donations because it might make their followers think they only create for money.

We’re here to tell you the truth: there is no reason to be ashamed of asking your community to support your creation if they can. You spend hours making content that you give to your community for free and it might surprise you to learn how many of your fans want to thank you for that by giving back.

In fact, we’ve found that simply mentioning the uTip donations increases creator income overnight. 

Here are some helpful tips for talking about donations with your community:

Don’t be afraid!

Tell your community that they can make donations to you through uTip. It’s as simple as saying, “I now have a uTip where you can donate money if you’d like to support the work I create.”

Tell them why donations matter to you

To help fans understand why donations are important, explain what you will be using their donations for. For example, we’ve seen creators tell their viewers, “with your donation, I can make even better videos and post more often” or “the donations on my uTip page go directly to helping me hire an editor so I can publish faster!” Your community is already interested in supporting you, so tell them exactly how their support impacts the way you create.

Say thanks

Did you know that you can personally thank everyone that donates to you through uTip? Check out your Community Tab to see who is supporting you and to email them a thank you note!