How To: Encourage Your Community to make a donation

Make a donation on uTip is one of the easiest way for your community to support you. Here’s how to make it even more fun for them:

Do a prize drawing

Offer a daily, weekly, or monthly draw for a prize for anyone who watches an ad. Prizes can be your merch, a piece of your artwork, some new gadget… the list goes on! Check out your “community” tab to see everyone who has watched an ad and select from the list randomly to pick a winner.

Please note that uTip does not allow rewards in the form of money or cash.

Use overlays

Our overlays do the double duty of displaying important tallies and milestones while adding pizzazz to your streams.

  • Our Alerts Overlay pops up whenever someone donates to you or buys merch from your profile.
  • Our Advanced Option Overlay lets you spotlight the best TipR or your latest donation.

Support a cause

Offer to donate a percentage of the income you receive from on demand ads to a charity or non-profit. This motivates your community and helps you create a shared goal.

Of course, don’t do that only for the money. Help an association for a cause that seems important to you. It will also give you motivation.

Unlock rewards

Motivate your community by promising rewards for the number of ads watched as a community. Here are some examples:

  • If you are a writer, reward fans with the release of your next chapter
  • If you are a YouTuber, share never-before-seen blooper reels or vlogs
  • If you are a musician, release a special never-before-heard demo of a song