How to talk about your Shop?

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One of the key to making your shop works as well as you want is to promote it! Your community is the main audience of your Shop and the best way to reach it, is to talk to it—where it already is—: on your social networks!

The task may seem difficult, but it’s like riding a bike, once you start you don’t stop.

To help you, we’ve put together the essentials for you to get started and talk to your community about your Shop.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The staging and the care given to your photos are decisive factors for the success of your Shop. Awaken the photographer sleeping in you to pay tribute to your products and make your community want to click on “buy”.

Taking a good photo is not that complicated. Think about…

Taking care of  the light

Whether natural or from a lamp, remember to highlight your products. Don’t leave them in the dark and make sure to pay tribute to the true colors of your products

Use a neutral background

In order to not disturb your potential buyers and draw their attention to your product use a neutral background without parasitic object

Use filters

Nowadays there are applications to enhance your photos in just a few clicks without being a professional. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

Put your products in context

Put your pin on a piece of clothing, frame your illustrations and hang them on a wall, place your sculpture on a piece of furniture, use mock ups to give dimension to a virtual product… bring your creations to life so that your buyers can look at them better!

As you can see, giving context to your products helps to create desire among your fans.

Share in images and video on instagram

Instagram is by definition the social network of images. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your products in carefully crafted photos.

But the real asset of this network lies in its stories!

Take advantage of the short videos format to share privileged information with your community, such as special promotions or previews of your next products. By regularly sharing exclusive content to your Instagram community members, they will be more likely to check regularly if they are not missing an opportunity.

Involve your community by asking them to vote for upcoming products, a color choice or a particular design.


Make the best of this opportunity to give a voice and personality to your Shop. Talk to your community, tell them the story of a product, introduce them to your favorite tools. If you find it difficult to express yourself in front of a camera, here’s a little tip: imagine yourself talking to a close friend and stay natural. You’re wonderful every day, why change your personality once you’re on screen?

Finally create some expectations! Thanks to the countdown of your stories, let your community know that something is about to happen. Announce a new product or indicate that an out-of-stock product will soon be back in stock.

Organize your communication on Twitter

At first glance, Twitter may not seem to be the perfect place to communicate on its Shop, but it is on the contrary the dream place to reach the maximum number of people. With its 300 million active users, twitter is one of the most visited sites in the world and therefore the perfect place to capture the attention of your future buyers.

A few quick tips to ensure maximum visibility:

  • Always add a link to your Shop, your uTip page or a specific product in your Tweet.
  • Don’t post at night! Pick the schedules of large audiences on twitter, namely 9am, 1pm and 6pm in the evening.
  • Think about the hashtags! Whether they are general (#merchandising) or specific to your creations (#LousCostumes) they will give you some visibility and allow your community to easily find all of your products.
  • Ask your community to help you gain visibility with the help of a RT
  • Add a photo of your product to your tweet! This will give a precise idea of it to your followers and will increase your click-through rate and RT.
  • Retweet your own tweet 24 and 48 hours after posting them to get them up in the TL of your followers. Kind of a quick reminder.
  • Add a permanent link to your Shop on your Twitter bio.

Make the most of the special features from this network. For instance, you can show all of your products in a Thread. This is a simple and effective way for your community to find all your products in one place.

Pin your thread to spark curiosity. Or simply the last article you just put online.

Tease directly on your twitter by showing your work in progress or your future visuals.

Use the survey option and ask your community for feedback on a new product. As with your communication on instagram, this will give it a sense of belonging. But it also serves as easy teasing!

Your community is your best asset to showcase your products. Take advantage of events to take a picture of yourself with them wearing one of your t-shirts. The photos they post of your creations are just as easy to promote!

Make the best of your videos and lives to make your own product placement:

YouTube and Twitch have plenty of space to talk about your Shop.

  • Description below your video
  • About section
  • In your YouTube banner
  • Within the panels of your Twitch page
  • In your Twitch video player banner in the middle of your other links

But your communication doesn’t have to be limited to inert links. Use your content directly to promote yourself.

You can, for example, skillfully place your products in your decor or wear your own products to present them to your community directly on your video.

Livestream the making off of your creations offered in your Shop

Use a bot on your live to remind your audience that you do have a shop, on a regular basis. It is also possible to use our Tip and Shop alert overlay to be notified in real time of the purchases from your community during your lives.

Finally, why not play it Don Draper style in Mad men and start advertising? Dedicate an entire video to promoting a particular product.

Notify your community directly on uTip

Essentially, notifications allow your community to be notified of any changes in real time. A real benefit when time runs out on a busy day.

Get inspired, be curious

uTip and the internet are full of creators who have mastered the ancestral art of the Shop. You can take a look at our ‘buddy’ Shop, alistair, “vivre avec” or even SuperFlame to give you some ideas!