Discover the new creator page


The creator page is evolving to provide more information, both visual and textual.

What’s new on this page ?

A 7-point answer:

  1. More room for your description (express yourself!)
  2. A visual gauge that represents the progress of your goal (easier to read, right?)
  3. The disappearance of the counters which are replaced by 3 types of objective (general, recurring and one-off)
  4. A publication box on your Feed, integrated into your creator page (easier and more intuitive)
  5. A tool page that brings together overlays and other shortlinks in the same place with descriptions explaining their use (we centralize!)
  6. The possibility of adding a link to a website other than your connected social networks
  7. A homepage that informs you about your support and our news at a glance (handy!)

Activate your new profile page now from your profile editing page:

Some new style for your uTip page

No Queer eye or Fairy Godmother to help us out: the whole team rolled up their sleeves to give our creator pages a facelift. After several years of loyal service, they needed a refresh to better match the needs of the community.

The opportunity for us to start over from zero. The use of the platform and its tools could be … risky, shall we say. Now everything is tidy and better labeled! Find the information and tools you are looking for in 1 click!

Follow me, I’ll show you around!

A complete facelift of the creator pages

Creator pages are now divided in two parts. Separate your support from your creation. On the one hand, your description and your Feed and on the other, your donations and your Shop. This new distribution allows users to first discover who you are to make them want to support you.

A description that stands out!

Some creators expressed frustration that they could not develop the presentation of their projects and needs. We therefore leave you a little more room to express yourself with a better and longer description.

This is only the first step in the major project. We hope to quickly offer you an entire tab dedicated to your community, your aspirations and your projects.

A more intuitive donation counter

One of our goals for this new creator page was to make your community’s efforts more visual. We opted for a gauge that gradually fills up as your TipRs support you.

This allows you to check the progress of your goals quickly and easily.

Something new for your goals

To match your all-new support gauge, we’re removing the counters to focus on “goals”, which are more intuitive and easier to use. Whether monthly or otherwise, these goals have been designed to meet the majority of creators’ support needs.

But that’s not all ! A new kid is joining the gang: the one-off goal. It allows you to display the supports received since a specific date without resetting the counter to 0 at the beginning of each month. 

Publishing on uTip just got easier

Publish on your Feed in a few clicks thanks to our new interface. In order to facilitate this essential action for creating strong links with your community, we have made it available directly from your creator page.

Write your post, add your images, define your audience and deliver exclusive content to the platform in no time.

A tidy toolbox

No more looking for your tools and wondering what they are for! In the “tools” tab, your overlay and shortlink wait, along with their respective descriptions.

More clarity to allow you to rediscover all the functionalities of the platform.

Share your social networks… but not only!

You can add a link to a personal site! A novelty designed, among other things, for blogs, authors with a wattpad and illustrator portfolios.

Easily redirect your community to your main creation!

Track your supports at a glance

Our new homepage lets you know about your community’s support and lets you track your stats from month to month.

Never miss anything again

In order to facilitate our communication with the creators of the platform, the homepage and its “News” allow us to effectively inform you of new features on the platform. Don’t miss any features and get the most out of the platform.

Finally, this page provides you with information and advice thanks to the “Creator’s Guide”.

We hope you have enjoyed this quick tour of the owner … because this first update phase is just the entry!

We are working on new features that will be used to facilitate the sharing of your pages on social networks but also to better highlight your personality and your creation!