Defining your first goal

On uTip, we encourage you to define a monthly fundraising goal. This is displayed on your profile so your community can see what you are working towards together. We know that you probably have dozens of goals to choose from, so to figure out the right one for your profile, ask yourself this simple question:

“What would take me to the next level and how much do I need to raise to get there?”

Be specific

Asking your community to help “buy a new camera” or “produce one new episode per month” is much more effective than asking them to help you “buy new stuff.”

Here are some of the types of goals that creators have already set on uTip:

  • New crafting materials or art supplies 
  • Books to learn about a topic
  • Training to learn a new skill
  • Paying for editing software
  • Paying for a part-time editor

Be optimistic but realistic

Start with a goal that your community can realistically achieve so that you will feel accomplished together faster! Think about the size of your community, how often they already donate to you on other platforms, if they would buy merch, and how often you will promote your uTip on social media.

Starting small is always a safe bet.

And as you share your uTip with more people, you can gradually increase your goals to reflect that growth.

Set a goal that benefits your community

Your community is supporting your work, so note how your monthly goal will help you create better content for them. This could be as simple adding a little note that says “this amount will allow me to make 3 new videos!” or “this new chair will help me to stream more comfortably for longer amount of time!” 

Offer to unlock new content  

To motivate your community, offer to unlock new content or some other type of reward when you reach your monthly goal. This will get your community excited about working together and will give you something to look forward to as well.