A few tips to help you launch and manage your Shop

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Launching a shop can seem intimidating and a bit complicated. In reality, it’s quite simple once you know a few of the technicalities & tricks. So here are our tips to help you get started in the adventure of selling online.

What should you think about before starting?

✅ The products you want to put online

So when you put it like that, it sounds a little stupid. But to start an online store, you need merchandising. If you want to ensure the success of your Shop, you need to think ahead about the products that will be sold there to make sure that they will appeal to your community.

💡 A simple way to make sure your products appeal to your fans is to ask them directly. Take advantage of social networks and their poll options to get an idea.

💡 If you don’t know what to propose to your community, we’ve prepared an article with 5 quick, easy and simple design ideas!

✅ Find out more about the selling prices

Selling is one thing, selling at a fair price is better. It is important to ask yourself the question of the selling price of your products. Especially if you are selling your personal creations.

To get an idea of the selling price ask yourself the following questions:

·   How much time did I spend on the design of my product? ⌛

And yes! Time is money! Define how much you want to be paid per hour worked to have a price base.

We advise you not to go below the hourly minimum wage to define this amount.

·   How much did the materials cost me to produce it? 💰

Your selling price must pay off for these basic materials. This means, of course, that the more expensive the materials used are, the more expensive your work will be too .

·   Were the techniques used to produce this work simple or complex? 🖌️

An oil painting doesn’t sale for the same price as a pencil crayon. These techniques will influence the time of conception of the work and therefore the final price.

·   At what price do other artists sale an equivalent product? 👨🎨👩🎨

This last issue is very important. If you sale your product at a price well above the market price, you may find it difficult to sale it. However, if you lower your price drastically to ensure a sale, you are hurting the creative industry.

By accustoming consumers to very low prices, other artists are also forced to gradually lower their selling prices.. Don’t forget that you are providing work and that you must be properly compensated for it!

✅ Prepare for the online launch by communicating in advance

Creating expectation is a simple way to ensure a good sales figure. Present your next design in advance, show a work in progress of your creation, do a product-creation live… Anyway, get your community on the hype train.

What should you think about when going online?

✅ Take care of your presentation

It is important to make your followers want to buy your product. The product description and photos will then have a crucial role to play.

First of all, choose an explicit title for your product.

Also, take the time to write a description that will present your product in the best possible way. What materials are used? What size is it? What techniques are used? Give your fans all the cards to get an exact idea of what they are about to buy.

Finally do not neglect your photo. It is the most important factor in influencing the decision of a potential buyer.


Here are a few tips:

·   Present your products in real conditions. If you are selling an illustration, display it in a frame on the wall. This will allow potential buyers to imagine what it would look like in their own homes.

·   Work with light: Whether you use a professional camera or a smartphone, light is crucial to your picture. It allows buyers to see the details and colors of your products more accurately.

·   Use a neutral background: To not distract your buyers with too many elements, display your product alone on a neutral background. This will allow you to highlight it.

·   Vary the viewing angles: Don’t limit yourself to a frontal photo, vary the angles and show your product as a whole.

✅ Notify your community

Once again, this may seem obvious but once your articles are online, remember to warn your community. Think about publishing on your social networks, use your Instagram stories or produce a video ad like your friend from the web did.

CC Ghetting Growth

Don’t forget to notify your fans directly on the platform by clicking on “notify” in your Shop.

For further communication tips, see our dedicated article.

What should you think about after going online?

✅ Don’t keep your buyers waiting

If you sale physical products on your Shop, pack and send the item as soon as you have received the payment.

If you go through our collaborator, lucky you, they take care of everything!

✅ Keep your buyers informed

Contact them to let them know that there may be a delay or that the package has been sent.

✅ Thank your fans for their support

Put a thank you card in your package, send them an email or thank them on your social networks. It is still important to show your community that their purchases make you happy and that they are important to you.

✅ Ask your buyers for photos

What could be better than showing your clothes directly worn by your fans or your sculpture on your fan’s desk? Testimonials and photos of your products taken with your fans have two purposes:

– They allow you to show your product in context to the rest of your community.

– They make you happy! ❤ And strengthen your bond with your fan!

✅ Keep your shop active

Add new products for special events and promotions. Don’t leave your Shop inactive. An active Shop is a Shop that sales!