5 Quick, Easy and Simple Design Ideas

Reading Time : 2 min

In our previous article, we have already explained why and specifically how to launch your uTip Shop. Our goal is to help you as much as possible in this project—and because not everyone is a professional designer— we will give you some design ideas that you can easily integrate into your Shop. Pimp my Shop is on !

❓ Why is it interesting to add customized products to your uTip Shop?

Customizing your Shop will give your community the opportunity to acquire unique products. Most importantly, it will also increase their sense of belonging by offering them the opportunity to show their support with their own style and personality.

With a few simple ideas, you will see that it is possible to create an attractive Shop that reflects the essence of who you are.

Your Channel Logo

For creators who already have a recognizable logo, this is an excellent product base for your Shop. You can incorporate it on Printful products or other goodies you want to create for the Shop.

💡 You can also push it further by taking inspiration from the colors of your channel to develop a visual identity that will be easily recognizable by your fans.

Survey your community

Keep in mind that your fans are your main target. Therefore, the products in your Shop must be intended for them. Think about designs that will allow them to identify themselves and be identified as members of your community.

Refer to your work. Use iconic sentences from your world. Don’t be afraid to offer your fans things that only them will understand. People like to feel special and be among those who give the reference or lead the trend.

If you can’t find sentences or jokes that refer to your creation, don’t panic! Rely on cultural references and memes that will speak to your community.

💡 You can conduct surveys on YouTube/Twitter/Instagram to give them the opportunity to choose between different taglines or running gags for your next products.

Play with the seasons

Keep in mind that a product line can be permanent or for a limited time. These exclusive products can help you get your Shop up and running again. There are many reasons to celebrate or celebrate an event, here is a list:

💡 Take advantage of the holidays that mark out the year: Christmas, Easter, Spring, Summer, Halloween or Valentine’s Day for the more romantic ones.

💡 Celebrate your Milestones: number of subscribers, release of a particular project

Let your creativity speak throughout the year.

Easy Design Tools and Template

For creators who do not yet have a logo or design, feel free to use online design tools and copyright-free templates.

💡 Here is one of the websites that our teams appreciate the most: https://fr.freepik.com/. It offers many images and copyright-free templates.

Placeit will allow you to create designs in a few seconds by relying on already designed templates.

With Typorama you will be able to play with words and make your taglines more beautiful than ever.

Modify a well-known design

Remember that it is forbidden to use a design that does not belong to you for commercial purposes. If you wish to use a well-known design, make sure you take inspiration from what already exists or modify a design to make it your own.

Getting inspired from what you see and like, will help you to find new ideas. Don’t forget that your Shop is made to reflect yourself, so be sure to keep your own identity.