10 simple ways to thank your TipRs

Reading time : 2m30

At uTip, we believe that it is essential for creators to be able to reach the financial goals that they have set for themselves. Secondly, we believe that without the support of a united community, this cannot be possible. This is why, we would like to give you our 10 easiest ways to include and thank your TipRs :

But before we begin: a quick reminder

A TipR is a fan who has done a supporting act: watching an ad, buying a product, making a donation…

A FireTipR is a fan who has performed an act exceeding a certain amount defined by the creator. It becomes FireTipR for the month. He then has access to exclusive content.

Early Access content

Your number of FireTipR increases week by week; Congratulations! Why not give them the exclusive release of your next video?

You got it !  Pamper these dedicated fans, they repay you so well.

Early Access Shop

A new product or creation ready to be released on your Shop? Take advantage of an Early Access for your FireTipRs. The private sale effect always works very well with the most loyal community members.

A personalized thank-you e-mail

The reasons why you can write a thank you email list can be as long as the Chinese wall. Don’t worry, this is not the point 😀

Why not start by thanking:

  • A new FireTipR
  • A new buyer
  • A new supporter

It is up to you to decide the amounts that will trigger these emails. Believe us, a thank you is always a great pleasure!

💡 Little tip: Write yourself small templates that you can reuse if necessary.

Access for FireTipRs to a Discord channel reserved for them

Are you on Discord? Take the opportunity to create a Discord channel with your most faithful TipRs.

Exclusive contents

We reassure you right away, the idea is not to make you do extra work. On the contrary, like a craftsman, you can use all the fabric scraps to create other products :

  • Behind the scene
  • Work in progress
  • Exclusive news

Think about short formats that will be accessible to your FireTipRs.

Thank them in your content

TipRs and FireTipRs are involved in your project, don’t forget to thank them for their support on the way.

  • Send a dedication in your next video.
  • Thank them in the description of your video.
  • Make a dedicated video

They are there for you. Let them know that you are fully aware of that.

Allow them to vote to choose subjects for episodes etc…

Are you hesitating between 2 subjects to be dealt with? Involve your community in the choice.

Do a Facetime with them

Your FireTipRs are your strongest allies. Get to know them by organizing video calls. Be careful not to get lost in the process. Make sure you define them well:

  • Who is involved among your uTip community
  • How many times per week/month/quarter you can do this project
  • Communication around the action

The goal is not to waste your time. Make sure you have the resources to make it happen.

Offer them bloopers

Additionally to exclusive content, bloopers are the most popular videos among fans. Keep these small pieces of video, assemble and offer these exclusives to your most loyal FireTipRs.

Reply to their messages

Do not hesitate to answer the TipRs that leave you messages on the platform.